FUCK THE INDUSTRY!/Love for the States/The man behind the beats

2008-11-23 14:08:02 by BOOMBLAST

Fuck The Industry
Firstly lets me just start by saying FUCK THE INDUSTRY!!! Certain people are taking this ting too far, we got the new video on Youtube, but cant get no love from the TV stations, Fuck Jazmine and Fuck Ray Paul little MTV Base cunts!
Heres a little video in response, coz when we do make it we aint gonna owe no one nothing.

/* */
For those of you who are confused the "Jakes" are the feds, so FUCK THE JAKES!

Love for the States
Got show love to everybody that voted and helped my n***a win the best UK artist BET award, but man i gotta show love to all the n***as in the US, who gave us mad love and made us feel at home, heres the freestyle from the UK artist from the BET Hip-Hop awards, yes i produced the beat.

/* */
Shout out to all the n***as there too, Chipmunk, Ghetto, Skepta, Spender, C1 and Termz (RIP, revenge is a must)

The man behind the beats
Dont ask why i don't jump on these videos, i just dont, mans lowkey, so heres a little video where you can catch me (for like 2 seconds haha)

/* */
Got two new tunes up check them out
Born alone die alone

Where im from


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2008-11-23 14:27:43

LOL! i feel that fuck the police man, im feeling the freestyle you guys did Gigz and that chipmunk came very hard man.
Well done on the BET Gigz, Uummmm! lol

BOOMBLAST responds:

Bless for the love brudddah!


2008-12-28 14:51:19

Dun think ya missing ya boi gstyles ive just not been around alot, i dun have time to review n shit but i do listen to ya muzik man u still keep that shit bangin ma dude just keep that shit up you and gigz n shit, holla at da holloman by me mate. peace

BOOMBLAST responds:

You already know this fam, dont worry the bangerz wont stop coming cuzzy trust me, but keep doing your ting to fam.


2009-01-13 10:18:52

Industry betuh back down, they dont know shit bout ma BAckground.
I dig boomblast, you back up off them only after they back up.

P.S: Fuck Jazmine and Ray Paul MTV they some byrd brain ass bozos

BOOMBLAST responds:

Ya feel me Lej, their just a bag of pricks fam, fuck em all cuz, they even tryna stop us from getting the bangerz on the radio, but we've come to far now G, and when we make their just gonna be foreced to work with us, JEEZ!