Walk in Da Park is out today!!! Promo Track up ft Sway...

2008-08-04 18:56:54 by BOOMBLAST

Yes its finally come, Gigz' first solo ALBUM, yes ALBUM, we're done with mixtapes fam (joking). But yea this shit is all independent, we aint signed to no one, and look at the shit we're doing, the album up in all major record stores.

Also got a new promotional track up, featuring sway, right here.

To help with the album we got a new major video, since up in da shoobz.
the new single Uummm!!! from the album.

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Check out Gigz' interview with westwood, on BBC 1xtra radio

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now if you wanna buy the album you can go to the following links:
and of course...tesco
Hope you all like it, dont think we're ending their doe, peace.

Walk in Da Park is out today!!! Promo Track up ft Sway...


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2008-08-04 19:36:06

DAMN! that new video was crazy, is that going on television? it took you guys ages to drop another high quality vid after your 1st 1, but its been worth the wait, im obviously gonna buy it man, keep this shit up.

BOOMBLAST responds:

Yea it should be on all major music channels in the UK, mainly Mtv Base was where we were looking to get it, I know it took us time but its here now bruudah, and there will be more to come (hopefully) but the album is worth it man, we got so use to the game its just a "Walk In Da Park" to use lol.


2008-08-05 14:06:29

aye, the new trakk, da new video its hott, yo this is 1 album i might just buy, feelin this shit, keep that shit up and dont forget who yall are.

BOOMBLAST responds:

Thanks a lot man, yea man the album is selling like mad right now, we keep having to restock most of the stroes selling them, haha, trust me fam we aint ever gonna change for no one man, bless for the love.


2008-08-05 16:41:48

sh!t that is fucking good shit right there fam. Giggs really brought out his big guns on this one, lyrical assassination right here.

BOOMBLAST responds:

Yea fam, where gonna break through these industry doors if we have to, haha, Giggs is definitly ripping the UK scene up, stay tuned bruddah, coz you might miss it, haha.


2008-08-07 08:54:54

bigg tinng mann i neva knew u wa makin moves like dat haha dats sickk

BOOMBLAST responds:

haha thanks man, yea we tryna climb this ladder to success, we tryna get off the roadside and start making some big legit money, bless for the love bruddah, since you in the UK you'll probably see this on your screens real soon, stay tuned.


2008-08-07 17:47:03

heyyy cuz. gigz is sik. do do grime 2 fam. just askin. and, crip luv

BOOMBLAST responds:

Na we all use to be on this grime ting back in the day, and Gigz use to be on a bit of rasta ting but after he came out of pen he switched up his swagger to this Hip-Hop ting, but we was all getting on this ting while he was inside so when he came out we was just ready to start banging out the hits, bless for the love.


2008-08-07 17:48:53

r u in sn1 wid gigz.

BOOMBLAST responds:

Yea G, Spare No 1's been the camp from early, but me and a lot of us when we was youngers were peckham boys, but that kinda dissappeared so we just started up SN1 Black Gang, now that the team, ya smell me.


2008-08-09 00:13:42

Yea im feelin' this dude...i gotta get da album. =)

BOOMBLAST responds:

Safe G, glad you liked it, thanks for the love man, peace.


2008-10-28 21:45:48

Watch how these nerdy broke down washed up ex rmp bum ass n***as not buy shit cause they got no money even for a better mic these broke ass worthless chump bums! LMFAO That album is SICK BB!!!! Look LOOK you got that whiteboy dancing to it HAHAHAHAHAHAHA GO HARD BREJIN!

BOOMBLAST responds:

Always family, Bless for the support Lej, yea we even got westwood banging our shit, Jeez!


2008-11-02 16:33:15

Wow, a Newgrounds celebrity.

BOOMBLAST responds:

Na man just a couple of your friendly neighbour hood trapstars.


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