Entry #1

SOME SERIOUS BANGERZ... soon come fam!

2008-05-14 18:37:26 by BOOMBLAST

Ya already know what it is, Boomblast' the name aka Crackman. just putting up a couple hard tunes on this ting, if you dont know i suggest you find out, Londons hardest. and just to let you know i aint here to hear no shit bout how you dont like rap, or we're to violent, or not violent enough, or fake, coz i aint got time for that shit, we're just doing us so if you wanna show some love let me know how feelin the upcoming tunes, i sell beats so if you want some holla, also selling mixtapes but ill let you know more bout that another day, ya smell me!

hol'tight all my SPARE NO 1 Family!

SOME SERIOUS BANGERZ... soon come fam!


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2008-06-03 17:01:46

Oooh nice logo. BTW dont you hate when people try to be someone they not?..."Homie"...lol

BOOMBLAST responds:

Yea the logo is hard i guess, shout out 2 my bruddah million for da picture. But i gotta say im kinda lost on what your talking about, im just guessing you and that killbill got beef or something, am i wrong? bless for the comment, peace.


2008-06-20 02:12:56

lol billy i'm sick of all this wack internet beef nonsense foreal man. some people on here just need to go.

boomblast, nice work man, ya team have alot of excellent tracks up on this site. very good stuff man, can't wait to hear more.

BOOMBLAST responds:

I feel you there fam, dont get me wrong if someones disrespecting you gotta let them know what time it is, but beefing over the internet behind computers seems a bit pointless.
Yea g, my team is so strong right now, got some new shit coming in a hot second, bless.